Day 2, I Think, Of Blogging University

[This is either Day 2 or Day 3 of Blogging University — because of the food poisoning that put me out of commission for the past two days, I didn’t see the Blogging U Day 2 email until today. Since it’s a virtual university, and I already had part of today’s assignment done, I’ve decided today is Day 2.]

Still recovering from the food poisoning, and not much energy yet, but starting to feel like I’m alive again.

So, Day 2 assignment was:

  • Update title.
  • Update tagline.
  • Explain title.
  • Explain tagline.

Update Title

Well, I told you on Day 1 of Blogging U that I’d be a good student on that day, which sort of implied that I might not be a “good” student every day. It’s hard to say whether not updating my blog’s title means I’m not being a good student. But I chose it carefully when I set up the blog, and it’s the title I want.

Update Tagline

I did change the tagline, in that I didn’t have one before and now I do. That probably qualifies for updating the title.

Explain Title

“Events Wrangling” refers to founding, organizing, running, participating in, and following up after events. That activity is also called event manager, event coordinator, or event planner. I’ve been doing that for over ten years. More than that, actually, but it’s been on a more intentional basis and across a wider spectrum of events over the past ten years.

Explain Tagline

I had less time to think about the tagline than the title, so that may change over time as I let it bounce around for a while. The tagline’s primary meaning is that I look at pretty much every event as a chance for the event goers to meet a few new people. Even if the main purpose of the event is to fulfill continuing education credits or obtain a certification, you would be amazed if you took more time to talk to people, and more importantly, listen to people at the next event you go to. If you know some of the people at the event, sit by people you don’t know. If you go to a multiple-day event, sit in different areas each day. That conversation you start while eating lunch or standing around with other event attendees might even be a serendipitous connection which could lead to interesting or amazing outcomes.

Running out of steam, so I’ll end for today. Hope to be back to full strength by tomorrow…


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