Blogging U, Day 3 (4): Ideal Reader, Media & Laughter

[You might not believe this, but I really am going to get this Blogging U class schedule figured out. Soon. I hope. For me, this is Day 3, but the class email from Blogging U said Day 4! I looked through my Trash folder, Spam folder, archived folder, Inbox, did searches for Day Three — couldn’t find that Day 3 class email anywhere. Better find out what the instructor assigned for Day 3 so I don’t get a zero on that assignment…]

Day 3 (4) Assignment

Today’s assignment was a harsh dose of reality because it included:

  1. Define the ideal reader of my blog, “Events Wrangling.”
  2. What do they want to spend their (very) limited spare time and attention reading?
  3. What do I want to tell them if they do read one or more of my posts?
  4. Put in a media element you haven’t previously used.
  5. Give the post a few tags, including bloggingfundamentals.

The challenging part of today’s assignment was trying to figure out what the ideal reader(s) of my blog would find worth spending their precious and limited time and attention on. And I haven’t come up with a satisfying answer yet. So I’m going to spend next couple days thinking about and writing down who my ideal reader is and various topics, ideas, opinions, and information that might be of interest to them.

After I develop the list of their potential interests, I’ll start working on titles or descriptions of posts I can write addressing some of those interests.

This approach to today’s assignment means I can fulfill the letter of the law (assignment) today, but I won’t have the spirit of this assignment really done for a few more days. And fully addressing the issue will take many days.

It makes a lot of sense, though. Why write posts that your ideal reader won’t read, even if you do the unlikely thing with the long tail of the internet and somehow your ideal reader does happen to see your post. Once you’re writing content that people of interest to you will read, then you can work on promoting the blog and increasing its visibility. Until you write something people want to read, though, getting visibility doesn’t accomplish much.

TED Video: Laughter

Inserting a new media element was easy. I decided to embed a TED video using the WordPress short code. The TED video “Why We Laugh” is a 17 minute video looking at the science of laughter. It’s a bit of a long watch, but it has a couple good lessons for events wranglers, including:

  • You’re 30 times more likely to laugh if you’re with somebody else than if you’re alone.
  • If people are honestly laughing with each other, it can help make stressful moments much less stressful.

The reason those two lessons are important to me is because they relate to relationship building at events. If you get to know one or several people well enough at an event that you’re enjoying carefree and honest laughter with them, those relationships are likely to last much longer than a strictly business or information-based relationship. The more events wranglers can do to create connections which result in laughter, the better job they’ll do with all their events!

Well, the first phase of today’s assignment is done. The real work comes over the next few days as I struggle with what the ideal reader would be willing to take the time to read…


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