NE Wisconsin TIME Community Road Trip

TIME Community Road Trip

Yesterday’s post talked about using events to build regional culture. When I saw the three articles below about tech-focused road trip events, they started me thinking about how a tech building cultureroad trip event might be used to connect and highlight the TIME community (Tech, Innovators, Makers, Entrepreneurs) of NE Wisconsin and help build the regional culture.

3D Printing

The first article, “3D Platform Takes the 3DP Workbench on the Road for the 3DP Roadshow,” deals with an advanced manufacturing technology that an increasing number of companies are using. 3D printing is an amazing process that’s being used in a wide range of business sectors, from medical and automotive to metal fabrication and architecture. The 3DP Workbench looks like a useful setup, and it would be awesome to have that or other 3D printers demonstrated during a road trip to cities around NE Wisconsin.

3DP Roadshow“…The 3DP Workbench is an industrial printer with, as its name suggests, a full workbench attached, complete with ample storage in the form of drawers and cabinets, as well as a large workspace…unlike most industrial 3D printers, it’s very portable, with wheels and a folding gantry that make it easy to relocate…Starting today and rolling out over the next six months, the 3DP Roadshow will travel to dozens of locations throughout the United States…

“We are taking the 3DP Workbench on the road,” said John Good, 3D Platform Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “When the 3DP RoadShow rolls into town, we bring live demonstrations of large-format 3D printing, expert tips and tricks, examples of what 3D printing can do for companies, and answers to your 3D printing question. And we can bring it all directly to a customer…”

Software Development

The second article, “VictorOps DevOps road trip will bring practical tips to a city near devops road tripyou” covers a road trip event focused on software development.

Looking to help spread the love and joy that is DevOps agile incident management company for DevOps teams VictorOps Inc. last week announced its DevOps Roadtrip. The road trip will bring expert knowledge to cities around the U.S…
“DevOps can be an intimidating topic to many in IT. VictorOps wanted to create a welcoming forum where technology professionals can engage with DevOps experts in the industry…Throughout the country, we’ll spotlight notable speakers in an effort to share DevOps wisdom…Our hope is that attendees can head back to their teams with actionable tactics to not only improve their organizations, but also simplify their own lives…”

Including software development topics and companies in a NE Wisconsin TIME community road trip event would help promote the region’s coders and companies that do custom software development. The road trip event would probably include NE Wisconsin colleges to make students more aware of computer science educational opportunities in this area.

Demo & Testing: Road Trip Tech Devices

The last article, “Lifehacker’s Samsung TabPro S Roadtrip Challenge: Can A 2-In-1 Do All I Need?,” talks about testing a tech device by using it on a road trip.

digital nomad backpack

Digital nomad road trip devices

2-in-1 laptops are supposed to provide the best of both worlds. The ability to change into a tablet offers a level of flexibility that standalone laptops can’t match — especially if you’re frequently on the road. Last week, I put this concept to the test by travelling to Melbourne, Brisbane and then back to Sydney armed with nothing but Samsung’s Galaxy TabPro S. Along the way, I visited interesting Aussie tech hubs and startups to see how they work. I’m Chris Jager from Lifehacker, and this is the Roadtrip Challenge…”

For a NE Wisconsin tech and entrepreneur road trip, we’d definitely want to try for a few sponsored tech devices, both for event goers to try out and for the road trip crew to test out under real-world road trip conditions.

If we can convince a few major organizations in NE Wisconsin to partner with and help sponsor a TIME community road trip with weekend stops in major cities and weeknight stops in many of the smaller cities and towns throughout the region, it would provide a tremendous boost to the visibility of technology and entrepreneurism in our area.

The next step toward organizing this road trip is finding a company or organization who thinks this is a good idea and will agree to be the first official partner or sponsor…


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