Value Of Events And Meeting For Coffee

Today was a day for thinking a lot — not for writing a lot. And I’m not done thinking yet.

no meetingsConversations I had yesterday and several item I read today focused on what value events, including just meeting for coffee, have for different people. Ironically enough, two of the conversations resulted from me meeting someone for coffee!

The basic issue relates to how much time a person with focused mission and a lot of work to do to achieve that mission should spend on events which don’t contribute directly to accomplishing that work.

This issue is often discussed with respect to entrepreneurs and startups. Advice is given to startup founders and founder aspirants to not spend their time at coffee, meetups, conferences or other events which don’t clearly and directly contribute to achieving their short term goals and moving their venture forward.

no coffeeTwo of the posts I read today strongly advised against asking someone to meet for coffee.

Because I spend a lot of time and brain cycles on events, some of which consist of meeting for coffee, I need to do some more reading, talking, thinking and writing about this topic. I want to feel my time is well spent on events I organize and run. And I want to know my time participating in events would not have been better spent doing something else.

In a couple weeks, after I’ve churned through the divergent opinions out there and have a better grasp of specific reasons and circumstances for not participating in formal or informal events, I’ll write a post on this topic.

And then, probably, re-write it a couple times after I publish it…


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