Next Meetup For Personal Digital Home

2nd Meetup For PDH

It’s time to organize the next meetup for the Personal Digital Home (PDH) project.

red flagThe recent articles about Google deactivating an artist’s account, essentially deleting over a decade of writing and art, raised a red flag and were the kick in the butt I needed to schedule the second meetup for PDH.

What’s PDH?

PDH is “the starting point for your digital life.“ The PDH concept is essentially One Site To Rule Them All, your data storage shed, control panel and cyberspace digital presence. A PDH website is intended to give you more control and make you more effective at interacting with all things digital. The first step for each person who wants a PDH will be to create their own website.

You’re here because you know something. What you know, you can’t explain, but you feel it.*

You want to be in control of your digital life, and you’re not. PDH changes all that — it puts you in control of your digital life!

Matrix, you know something

To learn more about PDH, see “WordPress: Default Personal Digital Home (PDH)” and other posts linked at the bottom of that initial post about the PDH project.

The first PDH meetup was at the June 20, 2016, session of the Appleton Makerspace Coder Cooperative (CC).

2nd Meetup — What We’ll Do

2nd meetup PDHThe second PDH meetup will be a three hour discussion-work session on July 24, 30, or 31, depending on which day works best for others. During the next couple days I’m going to contact a bunch of people who might be interested in getting involved with PDH to see which of the three days are open for them. If you’re interested in participating in the second meetup, contact me at bwaldron (at) gmail [dott] com.

There are so many different concepts and issues involved in the PDH concept that it’s hard to prioritize what to work on first. My proposed agenda for the second meetup has three main items, but I’m also open to talking about or working on other aspects of PDH. The three tentative talking points are:

  1. Refine definition of PDH
  2. Develop reliable backup system
  3. Work on alpha version of WordPress PDH

We’ll definitely start out by talking about what PDH is or should be. But depending on what others are interested in, we might spend the rest of the meetup on aspects of PDH other than a reliable backup system and alpha version of WordPress PDH. Below is an expanded version of what I’m proposing we consider working on.

  • Refine definition of PDH
    • Functional description — what will it do
    • Component description — what parts we think are needed to have the desired functionality
    • Hardware, software, services
  • Develop, document, and build reliable backup system
    • Learn from recent Google account deactivation — take action
    • Secure and private — foundations of backup system
    • Onsite and offsite
    • Scheduled data recovery / restore
    • Maximum automation, minimum user responsibilities
    • Long term plan (50-year?)
  • Work on alpha version of WordPress PDH
    • WordPress Personal Digital Home, taglineIndieWeb has done a lot of work on using a WordPress approach for the Decentralized Web
    • WordPress powers 25%+ sites on the web; immediate traction for PDH
    • Philosophy of Automattic and Matt Mullenweg appear to align well with PDH
    • Quicker start for alpha version because we’re not building from scratch

We’re still working out the details of where we’ll meet. I’ll post an update after the location is determined.

If you’re interested in the concept of the Personal Digital Home, I hope to see you at the second meetup!

* paraphrased courtesy of The Matrix and IndieWeb


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