Relationship-Building Events

Interactions ⇒ Relationships

relationshipRelationships are created when two people interact.

That relationship may be a temporary relationship that dies as soon as the initial interaction is finished. On the other hand, the initial interaction might be very enjoyable for both people, and the resultant relationship could be very deep and meaningful and last for a lifetime.

Most intentional relationships are somewhere in between those two extremes. By intentional, I mean that at least one of the two people initiated the interaction with a reason or purpose in mind. Just like there is a wide spectrum of relationships, there is an equally wide spectrum of reasons to initiate a relationship. Some reasons are really good, some are very bad, and most are in between.

And just like there are reasons to initiate relationships, there are reasons for writing today’s post about relationships. Here are the four main reasons for this post topic.

  1. relationship 5Events wranglers should always be thinking about relationships when they plan and run events. Ergo, it’s a fitting topic to write about on this blog.
  2. Relationships will be an essential part of a new venture for NE Wisconsin disruptive innovators.
  3. Relationships will be an essential part of the Baby Boomer Gold Rush I wrote about last week.
  4. I enjoy building relationships and expanding my networks.

Ingredients For Growing Relationships

relationship 2Here’s something to think about regarding relationship-building events. Just like growing vegetables in your summer garden, or perhaps growing flowers around your yard, certain ingredients are crucial to survival of both plants and relationships. Plants need good soil, moisture, nutrients, proper light, and appropriate temperatures to live and thrive. The following items help relationships start, grow and flourish. Keeping these in mind when organizing events will contribute to the start and growth of relationships for your event goers.

  • Opportunities and time to interact
  • Empathy
  • Complementary personalities
  • Shared interests
  • Shared experiences
  • Shared language and jargon
  • Shared passion
  • Shared goals
  • Shared futures

I’ll get into more detail regarding those essential ingredients for a relationship in a future post.

Types Of Relationship-Building Events

Two people can interact in many settings and situations. Some situations are more likely to create a lasting or beneficial relationship than others. Below are a few settings with high potential for starting a long term relationship or enriching an existing one.relationship 6

  1. Meet For Coffee (or Lunch, or Happy Hour)
  2. Group Meal
  3. Monthly meetup for like-minded people
  4. Workshop
  5. Tech Cafe Learning Session
  6. Team Working Session
  7. Unconference (like BarCamp or WordCamp)
  8. Conference, Seminar, and Trade Show

There are a zillion things to say about each of the above relationship-building events. relationship 4Thousands of books have been written about this topic, and many people earn all their income from building or strengthening relationships.

Each of the eight types of events listed above for building relationships will be covered separately in posts in the upcoming weeks. Writing these posts may prompt me to think of important types of interactions focused on building relationships that I forgot to mention. If it does, I’ll revise the above list and also discuss those additional types in posts.

Start A New Relationship!

Want to start a new relationship?

If one of the following statements applies to you, please contact me (Bob Waldron) at bwaldron (at) gmail [dott] com — you can initiate a new relationship, and we’ll see where it goes!coffee, let's meet

  1. You’re highly interested in disruptive innovation, especially in NE Wisconsin.
  2. You’re a Baby Boomer Creative who wants in on the Gold Rush mentioned in last week’s post.
  3. You’re an events wrangler who wants to discuss topics mentioned in this blog.
  4. You’re not an events wrangler, but want to discuss topics mentioned in this blog.
  5. You want to make interesting things happen, and you think I might be able to help you do that!

We can meet for conversation and coffee or other beverage at your convenience somewhere in NE Wisconsin.

If you’re not located in NE Wisconsin, we can talk via your preferred communication medium, such as email, text, IRC, Slack, voice call, video call, or ?? If you’re located in Arcata, California, USA, I’ll meet you at Don’s, Toni’s, Los Bagels, the Beachcomber, the Seascape, or other location of your choice! And if you’re in Québec, Canada, we’ll meet at Tim Hortons!! 🙂

I look forward to talking with you, finding out how I can help you, and discussing why and how we might consider working together Making Something People Want.


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