Today’s Event: First Day Of Classes At Blogging University

Events. Freshman At Blogging U.

This blog is written from the viewpoint of an events wrangler, covering these topics:

  • Events and events wrangling, all aspects.
  • Automattic and WordPress.
  • blogging universityTIME Community Building (Tech, Innovators, Makers, Entrepreneurs).
  • WordPress Personal Digital Home.
  • Occasional random topic.

Today’s event is my First Day of Classes at the Blogging University!

Since I’m a freshman at Blogging U and not quite sure what this university is like yet, I’ll be a good student and complete the homework assigned for today, which was:

Publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

Who I Am

[Having written blog posts since 2004, or maybe earlier, I might not do all my assignments if law of two feetI’m not learning or contributing something of value in the class. As I learn more about what the class is like, I’ll probably follow the unconference Law of Two Feet, which is, “If at any time during our time together you find yourself in any situation where you are neither learning nor contributing, use your two feet, go someplace else.”]

The above italicized aside is part of explaining who I am.

wisconsin and UP with starI am also Bob Waldron, a digital nomad who is currently a resident of Appleton, Wisconsin, USA. By education, I’m a chemical engineer, but over the past 10+ years I’ve gotten involved in a wide variety of activities in addition to engineering. With respect to this blog especially, I am an events wrangler working to become an Events Wrangler. The upper case E and W indicate my goal to do events wrangling as an Automattic employee. I hesitate to write that — but I figure if saying that out loud hurts my chances at getting the job, I probably wouldn’t enjoy working at Automattic. And everything I’ve read and heard indicates I will enjoy it tremendously! So I won’t hide the fact that I want to be an Automattic Events Wrangler.

The About page on this blog explains more of the mundane details of who I am, for those few who may be interested…

Why I’m Here

why I'm hereTo me, “Why I’m Here” refers to what I hope to achieve by publishing this blog. The goals of this blog that come to mind at this moment in time are:

  1. Share and learn information and insights about events wrangling (a modified Law of Two Virtual Feet, applied to blogging instead of unconferences).
  2. Transition from events wrangler to Events Wrangler.
  3. Improve my writing and blogging skills.
  4. Expand my personal networks.
  5. Increase serendipity in my life.

As you can see, I have very modest objectives for this blog. After I achieve all the above goals, I’ll set new ones.  🙂

Blog Post Tags

Today’s assignment for Blogging U includes learning about blog post tags and using them. This assignment will help me with Goal #3 from the above list — “Improve my writing and blogging skills.” It will also help me improve the WP TIPS & TRICKS page on this blog, as described in the post “ Tips &Tricks.”

Many years ago, I experimented with tags on blog posts but quit using them because it didn’t feel like it was worth the extra effort. It’s good to be open to new things and to periodically re-examine your position on most matters. You change. The world changes. It might be good for both of you if your opinion changes.

So I’ll take another look at blog post tags to decide if they’re likely to help me achieve my blogging goals. The most challenging part of today’s assignment is deciding what tags (and Categories) to use.

Retrospective: First Day at Blogging U

students at universityFeels odd to be back in class at a university. I haven’t seen any other students. Or instructors. Or classrooms. Makes me wonder what the first day at Blogging U will be like ten years from now when virtual, augmented and mixed reality are much more developed and commonplace. Maybe students in the 2026 freshman class at BU will see other students, instructors and classrooms.

Yay! Done with my homework! 🙂

Time to find where the other students are hanging out. BU Student Union? Playing frisbee on the lawn? Coffee shop? Bars? Maybe I’ll go organize an event for BU freshmen…