July 09, 2016: News & Views Roundup For Events Wranglers

Below is this week’s curated smattering of recent events wrangling news and views. My goal is to have this Saturday’s items inform you or inspire you. Maybe you’ll even do something a little different for your next event because of what you read here! For complete details on any of these goodies, click the headline link and read the juicy cyber-details at the source.

10 Types Of Attendees To Fear and Lovelove fear

Attendees are the heart of every event. Here are the 10 most common types of attendees we all know… and love.

Attendees are important. Our guests should be on our minds during the whole event planning process. Every decision we make should be well thought out in terms of our participants. We strive to delight and exceed expectations in every way possible and without attendees we would be out of a job! Often by the time the event day arrives, our attendees can feel like family. And like every family, they include a mix of different characters and behaviors. Here are some of the most common characters to be found at every event.

The Hyperactive One…The Casual One…The Wannabe…The Indifferent One…The Demanding One…The Friendly One…The Veteran…The Pressured One…The Curious One…The Famous One…”

I figured today’s News & Views should start out with something (mostly) light-hearted. Even if you just read the excerpt above and don’t go read the whole article, I’ll bet you smiled when you read the descriptions of the 10 types of attendees. Or rolled your eyes. And you may have even thought of a couple more typical attendee stereotypes you fear or love.

7 Live Streaming Mistakes to Avoid

livestreamingWhen it comes to live streaming conferences and events, it pays to think through potential tech problems and plan promotional activity well in advance. Sarah Platt, MD of Kinura has worked in the video streaming business since 2000, and has these 7 tips to offer as a starting point for your pre-event checklist….The good news is mistakes can be avoided with a bit of forward thinking. Hopefully the points below will be useful…

  1. Not checking connectivity is like not checking your water, oil and tyres before a long journey. If you haven’t got the basics, nothing else will function. When scoping venues ask what connection is available beyond delegate Wi-Fi.
    1. Can a line be dedicated to streaming? How fast is it? How reliable is it?
    2. Can we come and test it in advance of the webcast?…
  2. Rubbish audio will spoil even the highest quality video or webinar. Make sure your sound tech’s understand that the event is going out online and not just in the room.
    1. Soundcheck. Build this into your event plans, and soundcheck with stand-ins before guests arrive.
    2. Agree the method of communication between the video team and the sound tech so levels can be tweaked during the event if necessary…”

This article has seven tips. If all you took away from reading this was that you closely followed the author’s advice on Connectivity and Audio, then you benefited greatly from her writing the article. When the event starts, it’s too late to frantically try to correct problems related to video streaming capabilities of the venue or provider’s system. And missing or poor quality audio will ensure that most of the streaming audience will stop watching.

Co-creation and Collaboration: Tricks and Tools for Event Planners

Are you an expert in what your attendees want in terms of content? How do you know what you have programmed is going to be a hit with them? These are crucial questions when creating your event concept and the content programme for an event. You need to get to a point where the content and programme are what attendees want, not what you think is best for them….

The collaborative approach to co-creation results in unique perspectives on your event. It is made up of the opinions of the stakeholders that you would like to involve in co-creating an event. Six Steps To Co-Creation:

Initiate…Inspire Participation…Idea Collection…Crowd Sourced Idea Assessment…Select The Best Ideas…Create The Content…”

collaborative development of eventsAs I mentioned recently in the post “The Meaning Of Life Comes From How We Interact With Each Other,” I believe that collaborative development of events has tremendous potential. As various forms of electronic communication and collaboration improve, people interested in events will be able to work together to create events which are enjoyable and generate lasting value. It’s early days for this type of event planning, but when you have the chance, work to include collaborative development in your event.

12 ways technology is going to transform B2B events

telepresenceSpeaking at the ILEA Accelerate 2016 Conference on Friday (13 May), Brian Ludwig, senior VP at Cvent, shared 12 ways the company predicts technology will change the face of B2B events. “People are impatient, particularly when it comes to consuming technology,” explained Brian Ludwig, senior vice president, Cvent. “There is a lot of cool tech in events already, but the pace of new innovations is really exciting.”

Smart airports…Driverless cars…Geo-fencing…Event registration…Notifications…Navigation assistance…Augmented reality…Wireless charging…Remote presence…Content & Engagement…User-generated videos…On-demand keynote speeches…”

The three types of eventech in this article I find most intriguing or potentially useful are:

  • Notifications — Anything that makes it easier to connect with people and build or strengthen relationships at the event seems like a winner to me!
  • Augmented reality — I’m a fan of augmented reality. Early uses of it will be interesting and clunky, but five years from now, AR may be an amazing component of most large events.
  • Remote presence — Like the AR, early experiments with remote presence are awkward and full of shortcomings. But I’m convinced the potential value of telepresence is so enormous that technologists, investors and entrepreneurs will keep fiddling with it until everyone uses it and takes it for granted. Like Google Maps and Wikipedia.

Splendid “Spreads Softness” With New Campaign

spread softness puppies

Softness Personified

Upscale fashion brand Splendid…launched a campaign in New York City to raise awareness of its soft t-shirts and other apparel while spreading a little kindness, too. Called Spread Softness, the effort seeks to create an emotional connection with consumers via guerrilla marketing tactics that encourage people to be kind to one another. The campaign will run through the end of the year and includes in-store events and social media amplification on its website, Instagram and YouTube.

“So many people say things like, ‘Oh, my gosh, this is the first shirt I wore on my honeymoon,’ and talk about things they were doing in our clothes. I just kept thinking, this is more than just clothing, it’s about these emotions, these moments and these memories they are creating in them…”

This last item is only tangentially related to events wrangling. The reason I included it in today’s News & Views is because it puts a spotlight on the role of emotions in today’s events and in the branding of events. Regardless of what type of event you’re putting on, think about what emotions the attendees will be experiencing, and how you can influence the event experience so their emotions will be good ones. Smiles, good memories, new relationships, feeling confident about doing their jobs better than they could before your event. These are all good results!