PDH & Events Impacting The Future Of The Internet

[This post was sparked by two emails I received today. One was about people who are working to change what the internet looks like. The other was about the Personal Digital Home concept (PDH). Both these topics could have a big impact on events wranglers.]

Events That Could Change Internet’s Future

How do you find out about or keep track of events that are coming up?

This question is relevant to all events wranglers and to every person that wants to go to events involving topics of high interest to them. Each events wrangler and every event goer has some way to find out about events and keep track of what’s coming up.

internetThe topic of high interest to me today (and on many other days) is the future of the internet. The internet is still in its early years and will continue to change as technological innovations happen, as more of the world becomes connected through the internet, and as governments and corporations develop new policies affecting the internet.

Do you know what events are happening in the next four weeks that will impact the future of the internet? How about events in the next three months? In the next two years?

After reading my email about people working to change the internet, I dove down the rabbit hole and read a slew of related posts and articles. That rabbit hole excursion created a strong desire to develop a better way to find out about and track events impacting the future of the internet. Of particular interest are events focused on the decentralized web and on giving people more control over their digital lives and their activities in cyberspace.

decentralized webIf the decentralized web is of interest to you, the event you should have been at was the Decentralized Web Summit in San Francisco, California, USA, on June 8 – 9, 2016. Chances are good that a second summit will be held next year about the same time. Watch the Internet Archive blog — the 2016 event was announced on that blog.

(Further reading about the Decentralized Web: “How To Break Open The Web,” “Locking the Web Open: A Call for a Distributed Web,” and “Decentralized Web Server: Possible Approach with Cost and Performance Estimates.”

Personal Digital Home

So people are working to change the internet, but what does that have to do with the PDH initiative? Well, the future of the internet will very directly impact what a PDH is and how it works.

WordPress Personal Digital Home, tagline[Previous posts on Events Wrangling, such as “WordPress: Default Personal Digital Home (PDH),” have talked about the Personal Digital Home (PDH) concept. The PDH is meant to be “the starting point for your digital life.“ The first step for each person who wants a PDH will be to create their own website. That website will give them more control over their web presence and make them more effective at interacting with all things digital.]

The PDH email I received today was from a smart computer geek who’s also an internet tech wizard. He cautioned against building the PDH on popular existing website platforms that have recognized technical debt from their overextended legacy systems (my interpretation of his email). His actual words were,

I’m an old school sysadmin who wants to work closer to the file system. I want to store pictures, music, videos, documents as objects in the native file system, not have their access paths held hostage in a database…”

His email got me thinking about the foundations of a PDH and how it will need to:

  • Be designed for effective data import and export.
  • Be designed for adapting to future technologies.
  • Be aware of, and design around, key limitations of existing website platforms.

PDH Involvement With Internet-Changing Events

2016 2017 calendarTo the extent possible, people involved with the PDH project need to be aware of upcoming internet-changing events which are likely to influence PDHs. This includes events like the Decentralized Web Summits and IndieWeb Summits.

A new goal for me is to learn more about upcoming events designed to change the internet in ways relevant to the PDH initiative. An associated goal is for me or others on the PDH project to assist on or participate in those events when possible. And when it’s not possible, we need to stay informed on what happens at the events.

A tall order, but an interesting and enjoyable one…


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