920_Sec: NE Wisconsin InfoSec Meetup, July 13, 2016

InfoSec Meetup For NE Wisconsin Launches

meetupThe first meeting of 920_Sec, a Meetup.com group for NE Wisconsin people interested in infosec, is scheduled for Wednesday, July 13, 2016, at The Bar Holmgren Way in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA. More details are below.

I’m planning to go to the meetup wearing two hats — the Stetson of an events wrangler and the 1950s detective hat of a tech person highly interested in security.

Events Wrangler Hat

stetsonThe person who scheduled this event and took the time to organize a Meetup.com group had reasons for doing so. If there’s an opportunity, I’ll talk with the founder of 920_Sec to find out what their reasons were for organizing the event.

Also from an event standpoint, I plan to keep track of various details that make this event successful or that could be improved on for future inaugural Meetup.com situations I attend or help organize. It’s hard for me to go to an event and not observe those types of things…

InfoSec Hat

blackhat hatFrom a security aspect, I’m going to this meetup as a generalist tech person who’s very interested in digital and information security, but I am definitely not an InfoSec Professional or ninja coder. I’m so far from being either of those that I don’t even know when it’s preferred to use, or not use, various terms such as infosec, InfoSec, information security, cybersecurity, spy vs spy hatsecurity, NSA, Snowden, and hacker. I couldn’t even decide which infosec hat seemed most appropriate, the Black Hat detective type or the Spy vs Spy hat.

However, even though I’m not a security pro, I’m deeply interested in infosec for three reasons.

  1. Desire to learn about and achieve better personal digital security.
  2. Opportunity to meet infosec people who might collaborate on future projects, especially the Personal Digital Home and the NE Wisconsin cybersecurity initiative.
  3. Opportunity to expand and connect the region’s TIME community (Tech, Innovators, Makers, Entrepreneurs).

Details From Meetup Organizer

As of noon today, there were eleven people signed up for the group and four people RSVP’d to attend the July 13 event. Below is what the launch email for this group said, along with a few details from the group’s page on Meetup.com.

920_Sec strives to be the Green Bay and Fox Valley Information Security Meetup Network for Info-Sec Professionals, IT professionals interested in learning more about security related topics, Researchers, Hackers, and all things in-between! Unlike other meetings, there are no “dues”, nothing to join, and no exploits to present! We’ll be at the tables in front of the pool tables right when you walk in. Don’t worry about being late, people will begin to roll in after work.

This first meetup happens on Wednesday, July 13, 2016, starting at 5:30 PM, at The Bar Holmgren Way, 2001 Holmgren Way, Green Bay, Wisconsin. Click here for a Google Map showing the meetup location.”

If you live in NE Wisconsin and are interested in infosec, I hope to see you on July 13! 🙂


Blogging U, Blogging: Fundamentals, Day 7– Start Personalizing Your Site

Today’s virtual class assignment was:blogging university

  • Add a custom header image or background (or both).

Well, that was pretty easy. I’ve already uploaded and been using a custom header image, so I can check the box for that WordPress skill.

In order to learn something new for Day 7 in my class, I went to the tools & tips for this assignment, and read today’s section. I read about different ways to personalize my blog’s appearance, but carefully avoided adding to my lengthy To-Do list. I did find three relevant posts mentioned that I’ll be reading later today:

Create an Awesome (Free) Header in Ten Minutes
The Web is Your Oyster: Where to Find Free-to-Use Images
Two Free Tools for Non-Designers: Canva and Pablo

Yay — homework done for today! 🙂

[But I’ll be doing extra credit work later this afternoon…]


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