IndieWeb and PDH: Talking Points For Coder Cooperative June 20 Meetup

WordPress Blog Post As Tech Meetup Tool

Today’s post is an events wrangler’s experiment in using a WordPress blog post as a primary tool and information resource for a two hour tech meetup.appleton makerspace coder cooperative

Rather than having a separate presentation like Prezi, SlideShare, KeyNote or PowerPoint, this post has the talking points and many of the relevant links for the Appleton Makerspace Coder Cooperative meetup to discuss IndieWeb and the Personal Digital Home (PDH) on June 20, 2016 from 7 to 9 PM, at the Appleton Makerspace, 121R B North Douglas St, Appleton, Wisconsin, USA.

Using this blog post as the my “presentation” for the June 20 Coder Cooperative meetup is essentially “seven at one blow,” because the post:

  1. Outlines the event talking points, aka agenda.
  2. Is a repository of links relevant to the event.
  3. Helps with pre-event marketing and promotion.
  4. Can be easily shared with people who want to remotely participate in the meetup.
  5. Can be easily updated with relevant content after the event.
  6. May provide “meeting topic” SEO, which a standalone presentation might not.
  7. Means no special software or software expertise needed for a blog author to create this event resource.

Talking Points For June 20 Meetup

  • Overview of IndieWeb
  • Overview of PDH
  • Differences And Similarities Between IndieWeb and PDH
  • Non-coder Questions About PDH
  • Coder Issues Re IndieWeb And PDH
  • Questions From Bob W For June 20 Meetup Participants
  • Miscellaneous IndieWeb And PDH Links
  • Events Wrangling Posts About IndieWeb And PDH



  • Tagline:  “the starting point for your digital lifeWordPress Personal Digital Home, tagline
  • Short description:  My PDH concept is essentially One Site To Rule Them All. A PDH website is intended to give you more control and make you more effective at interacting with all things digital. The first step for each person who wants a PDH will be to create their own website. This may sound overly ambitious, but people of all ages create websites with every day. And the Mozilla Webmaker initiative was designed to help millions of people at all levels move from using the web to making the web.
  • Main link:
  • Only a concept as of June 20, 2016, but I’m looking for one or several cofounders to transform PDH into an active initiative.

Concept Similarities And Differences — IndieWeb And PDH

  1. More control over personal data.
  2. Personal website.
  3. Make digital life easier.
  4. WordPress applicability.
  5. Emerging trends.

“Non-coder” Questions About IndieWeb And PDH From June 20, 2016 Meetup Participants

  • *** fill in bullet points with questions raised at the June 20 meetup ***

Coder Issues Re IndieWeb And PDH

  1. Interesting challenge, especially selfdogfooding and building your own tools.
  2. Tantek Çelik’s site
  3. Aaron Parecki’s IRC approach
  4. InfoSec
  5. OYD server (OwnYourData) — integral to (my version of) both concepts.
  6. Coder issues of interest to participants in June 20 meetup:
    1. *** fill in bullet points with questions raised at the June 20 meetup ***

Questions From Bob W For June 20 Meetup Participants

  1. Are you interested enough in IndieWeb or PDH to discuss more at a future meetup?
  2. Are you interested enough in IndieWeb to consider getting involved at some level with the initiative?
  3. Do you feel IndieWeb or PDH are important enough that someone definitely should be working on one or both initiatives?
  4. What do you think the PDH MVP (minimum viable product) might look like for the general population?
  5. Does anyone at this meetup want to do a road trip to the IndieWeb Summit 2017 (~June 2017, or XOXO 2016 (September 8 – 11, 2016,

Miscellaneous IndieWeb And PDH Links


Events Wrangling Posts About IndieWeb And PDH

WordPress: Default Personal Digital Home (PDH)
WordPress Personal Digital Home, Part 2: In The Year 2036
WordPress Personal Digital Home, Part 3: Pick A Problem
WordPress Personal Digital Home, Part 4: Baby Steps
IndieWeb Summit 2017 & WordPress PDH
Coder Cooperative June 20th Meetup: IndieWeb And Personal Digital Home

This post will be updated after tonight’s Coder Cooperative meetup, and a post later this week on “Events Wrangling” will cover highlights of the event. Assuming there are participants and highlights at tonight’s meetup. Short notice about the event and my attack of food poisoning means many fewer people have heard about the event than I originally envisioned…

If you have questions or want to discuss IndieWeb or the PDH concept, please contact me at bwaldron (at) gmail [dott] com.

—   End of “Coder Cooperative” section of this post   —


Blogging U: Day 4 & 5 (3)

[I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I am working to get on-schedule in my Blogging U virtual class. Cross your fingers — I hope today’s post brings me up to date with the virtual schedule… And by the way, no, I’m not worried that my “Day 4 & 5 (3)” post heading will confuse anyone other than June 20 meetup participants. Even they are unlikely to read this far in today’s post, so they are likewise in little danger of suffering from PHCS (Post Heading Confusion Syndrome).]

blogging universityIn an effort to “catch up” in my Blogging University class, today’s post is also addressing the topics of Blogging 101, Day Three: Using Reader AND Day Five: Love Your Theme. I somehow lost or didn’t get my email regarding Day Three’s assignment, so I poked around in the class “syllabus” and found that the Reader was what the missing email would have covered. It looks like the Day Three primary assignment was:

  1. Read about Reader and get an initial understanding of what, why and how.
  2. Add several tags to my Reader and browse those tags.
  3. Follow five new blogs that I come across while browsing tags in Reader.

For the three items above for Day Three’s assignment, check, check, and mate! 🙂

I’m not listing in this post the five blogs I’m following because the Blogging 101 syllabus said “following a blog is a guilt-free activity.” If I list the blog titles here, I’d feel more guilt if I unfollow them.

Day Five’s assignment email arrived in my inbox as I was almost done with this post!

Arghhh.  😦 Thought I was done writing the post. Well, a bit of additional work, THEN I’ll be all caught up. Day Five’s assignment consists of:

  1. Visit the Theme Showcase.
  2. Scroll through the options, and click Preview on at least three themes, then click Try & Customize to see the theme in action with your posts.
  3. Save and activate a new theme, or close the Customizer to keep your original.

So I (probably too quickly) went to the Theme Showcase, looked at theme options, previewed three themes “in action” with my posts, then closed the Customizer to keep my current theme. I fiddled with different themes when I established “Events Wrangling” and have specific reasons for choosing my current theme.

I’m not against all changes, and sometimes change is even good just for the sake of change. But I need to have more time to evaluate a theme change, and I’ll only change it when I can clearly understand at least one significant benefit to making the change. Can’t tell I’m an engineer, can you…  🙂


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