Coder Cooperative June 20th Meetup: IndieWeb And Personal Digital Home

Two Approaches For Managing Your Digital Life

IndieWeb and the Personal Digital Home (PDH) are two concepts for managing your increasingly important digital life.

appleton makerspace coder cooperativeThe Coder Cooperative meetup on June 20, 2016, from 7 to 9 PM at the Appleton Makerspace, 121R B North Douglas St, Appleton, Wisconsin, USA, will have a discussion about webdev and coder issues related to these two approaches to managing your digital life.

Over the past twenty years, the average American’s life has become more “digital” — more affected by computing devices of one type or another. It’s a pretty good bet that cyberspace and digital services will become even more important parts of our everyday lives in the coming years.

Imagine what your digital life will look like in twenty years, in the year 2036. Or, better yet, imagine what the digital life of a baby born in 2016 will be like twenty years from today…

Who Controls Your Digital Content?

facebook apple google govtDo you want the government, Facebook, Apple, Google, or some tech company not yet formed deciding the best way to manage your digital life, or determining the rules for how you (and they) access and use your data and files because they store or control your data? Right now they can sell your digital stuff, they can delete it, and they can seriously impact your daily lives by what they do with your pictures, words, files, records, songs, digital books, etc.

facebook momentsA real life example from just last week of how this situation impacts people was the June 11, 2016 headline, “Facebook threatens to delete synced photos if users don’t download its new photo app.” People put lots of their photos on Facebook. Now Facebook has changed the rules for keeping those photos available to you and others. If you don’t follow their changed rules, Facebook can just delete your photos, even if that’s the only copy you have of them.

Most people want to have more control over their digital lives and their data. Some people are working to design and build better systems, ones that help you be more in control.


IndieWebCampAn IndieWeb website is designed to immediately make you the master of your own digital content. The initiative’s tagline is “a people-focused alternative to the ‘corporate web.’” The IndieWeb initiative:

  • Is an active project founded in 2010
  • Has annual summit events
  • Has small regular meetups in various places around the world
  • Has existing websites which follow the POSSE content publishing model.

POSSE stands for Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere. That means you put a comment or post or picture on your website, then APIs (application programming interfaces) at services like Facebook, Twitter or other web companies enable a copy of your digital content to show up other places. When those other companies decide to delete or change your digital content, that doesn’t affect your original version of it.

Personal Digital Home

WordPress Personal Digital Home, taglineA PDH website is intended to give you more control and make you more effective at interacting with all things digital. This initiative’s tagline is “the starting point for your digital life.” The PDH initiative:

  • Is only a concept as of June 2016.
  • Will be discussed publicly for the first time at the June 20 Coder Cooperative meetup.

The next step for turning PDH into a reality is to talk with “customers” to find out what would help them take control of their digital lives and identify what the minimum viable product (MVP) should look like.

Coder Cooperative Meetup Details

At the June 20 Coder Cooperative meetup, we will:

  • Give an overview of IndieWeb and PDH and answer questions about the initiatives.
  • Look at the technologies that are needed for and being used by IndieWeb.
  • Identify what capabilities and components meetup participants (coders and other tech people) would want in their PDH.
  • Discuss what meetup participants think the PDH MVP might look like for the general population.
  • Encourage meetup participants to get involved with IndieWeb, PDH or a similar initiative.

diverse groupWe are inviting many developers, designers, website builders, and general internet citizens to this Coder Cooperative meeting, trying to get meetup participants with a wide spectrum of experiences and viewpoints. The meeting is open to the public, so please come on June 20 and bring a friend!

We will also reach out to potential sponsors for food and beverages at the meetup. Having more control of your digital life is an important topic which should draw a large crowd on its own merit. But we’d love to offer an extra incentive to the tech people who enjoy something to eat and drink while they have world-changing conversations.

So now you know the three goals of this Coder Cooperative session.

  1. Help people learn about and understand IndieWeb and PDH.
  2. Start fun, interesting, and world-changing conversations.
  3. Inspire follow-up work on IndieWeb, PDH, or a related initiative.

The Appleton Makerspace About / Contact webpage has a location map and address. See the Google Streetview image and the overhead building layout drawing for details on finding the makerspace door.

We look forward to you walking in that door and joining the conversation on Monday, June 20, 2016!appleton makerspace


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