Automattic Events Intersection With Events Wrangler Job Description

The past few Sunday posts have been about the process of getting and having an events-related job with Automattic, topics like “Automattic Happiness Engineer For 3 Weeks: Part 1,“ “Initial Chat Interview With Automattic: Part 1,“ “Trial Work At Automattic: Part 1,” and “Why I Want To Be An Automattic Events Wrangler.”

automattic logoFor today’s post, I’m taking a brief look at what an Events Wrangler does.

So far my scouring of the internet with Google’s finest algorithmic assistance hasn’t found a single post that appears to be published by an Automattic Events Wrangler, posts that mentions that position, articles talking about what that person does or even personal profiles, like on Twitter, that indicate the person works in that position. What seemed like the closest I could find online were two people who are Automattic Community Wranglers.Automattic Is Hiring

The lack of information means that pretty much the only indicator I have of what an Events Wrangler does is the official job description. And if you didn’t know already, Automattic  is hiring!

Events Wrangler Job Description

So, based on the job description for Events Wrangler, here’s what I’m going to be doing in my new position when they hire me.

I will help execute sponsorships and engagement activities at conferences, WordCamps, workshops, hackathons, and other special events. As an Events Wrangler, I will be part of a team focused on creating awareness, building relationships, and enhancing the user experience. In this role I will be a community ambassador for Automattic and I’ll be deeply responsible for how the brand is presented and that representation is executed at events around the globe. My responsibilities will include:

  • Building a diverse calendar of events spanning user type and geographic locale.

  • Liaising with organizers to create an engaging presence both online and onsite.

  • Working on all aspects of logistics — everything from organizing staff to building a booth to planning an agenda.

  • Creation of marketing collateral, signage, engagement activities, and swag giveaways.

  • Evaluating results for ROI and using learnings to develop growth opportunities.

Automattic Events

The events listed above which will happen around the globe are:

  • Conferences
  • WordCamps
  • Workshops
  • Hackathons
  • Special events

Looking at the intersection of the above job description with the list of Automattic events I found mentioned online gives a bit of a feel for what an Events Wrangler will do. A couple of searches came up with a whole slew of conferences that Automattic sponsored or co-sponsored, with the ones listed below being just a few of them.Automattic Conferences

  • XOXO
  • php[tek]
  • SupConf: Support Conference
  • 360|iDev
  • HackingEDU
  • Wine Tourism Conference
  • International Food Bloggers Conference

WordCamps occur numerous times each month, around the world, as can be seen at WordCamp Central. For example, there were already a number of them held earlier in June, and in the rest of June and July there are 16 more currently listed. A total of 89 WordCamps were held in 2015 in 34 different countries on 6 continents.

codex hackathonSome of the more recent hackathons for which Automattic has been a sponsor were Culturevist Conference and Hackday, Codex Hackathon, #EmpowerHack, and Cape Town Charity Hackathon.

I’m sure there were other special events Automattic sponsored or played a big role in recently, but the main one I know of was the CMS Africa Summit.

The above lists give you a feeling for the kind of events I’ll be involved in, doing all the usual events wrangling stuff as mentioned above in the job description and that I’ve been talking about in my blog posts for the past couple months.

If I find more information over time regarding specifics of the Events Wrangler job, I’ll update this page to give a more complete picture!


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