June 04, 2016: News & Views Roundup For Events Wranglers

Hot off the press — it’s your June 4th quick look at recent news and views in the world of events wrangling. This Saturday’s news includes a variety of topics that may inform you or inspire you to do something a little different for your next event. For complete details on any of the items, click the headline link and read the article in its entirety.

Cheap Event Registration for Small Associations

RegFoxWading through the event registration swamp is nasty business…Cost is the main reason I was speaking with a new client a few weeks ago. The board of this small association was at wits end. They could no longer afford to pay the $5.00 per registration that their now ex-registration company wanted them to pay…Here is how the math was working out:

450 registrants x $5 per registrant x Credit Card Fees x Weird Makes no Sense Fee = Insane Amount of Money.

That weird fee was basically charging my client a fee to use their own credit card processor…This client can’t use WordPress so an easy, inexpensive plugin was out of the question. I looked, and I looked, and…I came across what I am calling a newcomer (even though they have been around a while)… RegFox. RegFox has a simple cost structure. $.99 a registration + the standard 2.99% credit card processing fee (or you can use Stripe, we always use Stripe). That’s it. Nothing more. No weird fees…”

Today’s first item is pretty straightforward. If registration fees take a hefty bite out of your event budget, consider changing registration services. I’ve generally used Eventbrite or Meetup.com for event registration, but am always interested in learning about new options, especially if there are real benefits. And those benefits need to be obvious and certain, because event goers don’t want to spend time learning a new registration system unless there’s a good reason to do so. If the volume of registrations you’re doing is high enough, and if the fees from your current go-to registration service are way out of line with RegFox, consider giving them a look.

How to Extend Your Post-Meeting Reach to Increase Engagement (and Registrations)

You have invested a lot of time, energy, and resources to develop tremendous content for your meeting. Who wouldn’t want to extend the life of that content after the meeting ends?…You want to leverage social, but “you always want to draw your audience back to the fire—the channels you control—your website, your blog,” she said. “On social there are tremendous opportunities to amplify your reach, but the impact can be lessened if you don’t bring them back to the channels you own.”

afterglowAt the conference, each day builds on the momentum of the day before. People are having conversations and connecting and learning… All too often, though, conferences end abruptly as everyone makes a run for the doors to travel back home and get buried in all the work they couldn’t get to while they were at the meeting. Kastner urged the webinar audience to take advantage of what she called “the after glow” to keep them engaged post-event...”

This second item for June 4th is much more complex than the first one, but it’s important for every event that recurs annually. Effectively extending your post-meeting reach has two benefits. The first is that you bring more value to the meeting attendees. By continuing the conversation after the event ended “abruptly” and the doors of the venue slammed shut behind them, you help them improve or increase their takeaways from the meeting. Secondly, by keeping the conference fresh in their mind, as well as by helping them see more value in the event, you make them more likely to register for next year’s event. However, taking advantage of the after glow is much easier to talk about than it is to do…

The essential guide to event insurance

event insurance

Securing event insurance might not be at the top of every planner’s to-do list, but it should be. Hurricanes, snowstorms, no-show speakers, fires, power outages and labor disputes are just some of the perils that can disrupt an event. Now toss in a swift-moving pandemic like the current Zika virus…and that carefully planned convention or conference could easily be derailed.

Low attendee turnout, postponement or outright cancellation of an event are just some of the scenarios that can result from any of the above, and the financial fallout for stakeholders could be astronomical.

The process of choosing adequate event insurance is far from simple, however. For insights about the different types of policies and what they cover, M&C spoke to several insurance providers who specialize in the meetings and conventions industry. Think of their expert recommendations as required inoculations for your next event…

Because I haven’t been the lead organizer for any high budget events, I haven’t had to deal with the issue of event insurance which covers something like cancellations due to Zika virus. (Are you planning any Olympic parties in Brazil??) It would be interesting to talk with people who have arranged for that type of event insurance, especially someone who had to try collecting on that type of coverage when something went drastically wrong. If you’re someone who does a lot of expensive events, this article is sure to make for interesting reading.

Inside The Unconference: Lessons From Three Offbeat B-to-B Events

If you’ve ever attended a session taught by a cowboy poet around a campfire, spent hours affixing stickers to a crowdsourced art installation or pitched a session with a Post-it note, then you’ve probably been to an unconference…We tracked down the organizers of three offbeat b-to-b events to learn about their event models and see how marketers might incorporate some of these principles into traditional conferences…camp 9600

…we begin at high altitude in Breckenridge, CO, where the inaugural Camp 9600 (named for the elevation) took place in September. The Breckenridge Tourism Office organizes the two-day marketing and storytelling conference for folks in the travel industry…An intimate event that helps attract business to the area during the offseason, about 175 marketers typically attend…

github universeSoftware collaboration community GitHub over two days this past October put on its first user conference, GitHub Universe. The goal: an experience that included a “palpable sense of community and an organic element of surprise and delight,”…Something like Burning Man meets high-tech. GitHub Universe took place on Pier 70, a formerly burnt-out warehouse with no roof, no power and rusted-out walls in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco…

Imagine organizing a conference where on the day of, you still aren’t sure what is going to be presented. That’s the beauty ofbarcamp nashville BarCamp, an unconference model that began in San Francisco for the programming community but now transcends industries from real estate to health care. It’s an open workshop, where anyone can speak. For this story, we settled on BarCamp Nashville, which has had a regular presence for close to a decade…

Since I’m a big fan of unconferences, I just had to read this article when I saw it. And then I had to include it in today’s News & Views. If you haven’t been part of an unconference, try to fit one in over the next few months. You might find some useful takeaways to put in the next event you organize!

4 Amazing Ways to Serve Doughnuts at Events

moms donuts

Doughnuts are no longer just a breakfast staple. Thanks to the growing number of shops that specialize in creating gourmet and artisan doughnuts, they come in a surprising variety of shapes, sizes and outlandish flavors. If you’re looking for a snack that will have hungry event attendees coming back for more, doughnuts are the perfect option…Here are a few of the most appetizing doughnuts you can serve at events.

New York City’s Doughnuttery makes high-quality mini doughnuts from seasonal local produce and locally sourced flour. Doughnuttery stands out for incorporating exotic ingredients and unique flavor combinations, as well as its innovative baking methods…

True to its slogan, Gourdough’s Big Fat Donuts in Austin, Texas, offers doughnuts that are big enough for a meal. In addition to two restaurants that serve doughnut burgers and doughnut entrees (meals served atop a freshly made doughnut), Gourdough’s has a trailer that serves a doughnut-only menu…

Based in San Rafael, California, Johnny Doughnuts sells hand-crafted artisan doughnuts made from fresh locally sourced ingredients. The shop uses only organic wheat flour for its doughnuts, which come in a variety of classic and seasonally inspired flavors…

Glam Doll Donuts in Minneapolis specializes in creating unique doughnuts completely from scratch…Although the shop serves standard donuts with the usual toppings, its bakers are known for constantly experimenting with new and unusual flavor combinations…

Yesterday I went to Dunkin Donuts for National Donut Day. How could I not include this article about doughnuts on the day following that kind of an American celebration??

[I wonder if anyone has ever tallied up how many different items, people or concepts have their own nationally recognized (by someone) day…]

Events are serving increasingly healthy meal and munchie choices, but every now and then, it’s kind of fun to eat something that was once cherished (mom or grandma’s delicious and treasured homemade donuts) rather than looked down upon (high in fats and sugar, empty calories, not nutritious snack treats).


If you want more News & Views for Events Wranglers, check out the websites linked in “News & Views For Events Wranglers: Best Websites.” Those twenty “best” websites are where most of the articles and posts for these Saturday roundups are found.



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