Event Memories: How You Made Them Feel

Angelou & Covey

Tonight’s post has two parts, one simple and one complex.

Maya AngelouThe simple part is best expressed in the words of Maya Angelou, who said:

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

The complex part is figuring out how to organize and run your event so people leave feeling good about it.

A whole lot goes into putting on an event which people walk away from with good feelings and fabulous memories. One effective starting point for creating that type of event is to Stephen Coveyuse Stephen Covey’s advice: “Begin with the end in mind.” To help apply that concept to events, here is a paraphrase of what an Inc. article recommends for beginning with the end in mind.

People don’t remember details of events they went to, they remember how they felt. When planning your event, ask yourself: “What feeling do I want to evoke?”

Think about what would get your event goers excited. Educate them. Expose them to new ideas. Connect them with like-minded people. Design an event around the most relevant, interesting theme, idea or debate in your industry. Why?: Emotions play a big role in how much someone enjoys an event.

How Did You Make Them Feel? Begin With The End In Mind.

Start the designing and organizing of your next event by thinking about what memories you want people to take away from your event. Then, as you develop the event, continually put yourself in the event goers shoes, and decide if your feet are comfortable. Would you be happy to spend a couple days in their shoes?walk a mile in my shoes

If you were in their shoes as you walk out the door of the venue and get into your car, or head for those long security lines at the airport, are you noticing how tired your feet are and thinking about all the problems that piled up while you were at a poorly designed or ineptly run event?

Or do you hardly notice your tired feet, uncomfortable shoes, and the blister starting to form on your left middle toe, because you’re thinking about a mind-blowing conversation with an awesome new friend introduced to you by the events wrangler who thought the two of you would get along well?

Maybe you’re thinking about a new project or entrepreneurial venture you and three other amazing people from the event are going to continue working on in the coming months…

So that’s it for tonight. Angelou and Covey.

How will you and your event make people feel?

Begin with the end in mind.



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