Automattic Opportunities, Part 1: Initial List

Company Opportunities & New Employees

Automattic, the parent company of, has many opportunities on its Journey to the future.opportunity

Closely aligned with those opportunities is my current top priority goal, which is to work for Automattic as an Events Wrangler! 🙂

New employees generate the greatest value to Automattic when they help the company seize opportunities to grow in impact and resilience. For me to be a valuable new employee and help Automattic grow, I need to first understand what opportunities are most important to the company and which of those are ones I can lead or be a strong contributor to. Towards that end, I’m developing a list of Automattic Opportunities.

This blog post is the first in a series which will look at these opportunities from several viewpoints. Today’s viewpoint is that of a relatively uneducated outside observer with an Automattician ambition.

Below is my first shot at the most important Automattic Opportunities. The initial list of opportunities was developed through research and personal analysis based on twenty years of experience with and knowledge of the web, the internet, computers, open source, technology, entrepreneurism, community building and events wrangling. The opportunities are separated into two categories; items related to general improvements in the products and the company, and items related to financial improvements.

Automattic Opportunities

  • Product and Company Improvement Opportunities
    • Increase WordPress market share from 25% to 50% without quality erosion and other monoculture challenges
    • Transition focus from desktop web to mobile web
    • Decrease attrition rate by 50%
    • Continually improve company culture and management while growing from 500 to 5000 people
    • Identify major challenges for open source companies and take appropriate steps to prevent or minimize those at Automattic
    • Minimize technical debt accumulation
  • Financial Improvement Opportunities
    • Increase sales revenue and profit margin for
    • Increase sales revenue and profit margin for JetPack
    • Increase sales revenue and profit margin for WooCommerce
    • Increase sales revenue and profit margin for VIP
    • Increase sales revenue for WordAds
    • Develop new revenue streams via acquisition or internal development
    • Prevent company growth from causing excessive overhead costs
    • With investors, develop long term exit plan that balances investment return and open source ethos

Improving The List Of Opportunities

To help make this a more complete list of significant opportunities, I’m going to do two things. First, I’ll do more online research to find company goals and challenges that Matt Mullenweg or others have documented. Second, I’ll send the above list to a couple Automatticians and ask for any feedback on the list or input they can appropriately share regarding major company goals and challenges. It would be foolish to ask most companies for that kind of information, but Automattic is a pretty transparent company and has a strong open source ethos.

Impact Of Events Wrangling

Because I can make the biggest contribution at Automattic as an Events Wrangler, as I continue to refine the list of opportunities and develop proposals for capitalizing on each of the opportunities, the proposals will have a strong focus on events wrangling. For most of the opportunities, the Automattic Events Wrangler will be a support person, rather than a key player. My goal, however, is to explore and explain how I, as an Event Wrangler, can help each proposal be as successful as possible.

Part 2 of this blog post series will be published after I do my research and get feedback from Automatticians…


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