WordPress.com Tips &Tricks

Started With Default Theme Appearance

This blog uses a basic free WordPress.com theme, and only a few changes have been made to the default settings on that theme.

WordPress theme Hemingway RewrittenWhen I started the blog, I decided to use the Hemingway Rewritten theme. I’ve published 20+ posts on this blog daily thus far, so I’m starting to feel like the blog is really mine and more a part of my life than it did for the first few posts. It’s time for me to look at changing more of those default settings if it will make the site look and function better from my point of view. Some of the changes will be just to personalize the blog, or make it feel more unique to me. Others will, I hope, make the experience better for people who read the blog.

The target audience for this blog is other events wranglers and people who want to become events wranglers. So most of the posts on this blog will be about some aspect of events wrangling.

However, a few of this blog’s readers may not yet have a personal or business website, but would like to create one. Others may already have a basic WordPress.com website without many changes to the default appearance. Still others might want to set up a website for an event they’re working on. These tips and tricks may help them. And working on the tips and tricks will make me more knowledgeable about WordPress.com.

Modifying The Content and Look of The Website

add pageAs part of my effort to improve the quality and uniqueness of the “Events Wrangling” layout, as well as learning more about WordPress.com, today I created a new page on this website, titled WP Tips & Tricks. The tips and tricks listed on that new page are intended for someone totally new to WordPress, or someone who has created a WordPress.com-hosted website but has made minimal changes to the default settings.

If you look up near the top of this blog, you’ll see a black horizontal stripe with the navigation menu, which shows Home, About, Events and WP Tips & Tricks. Clicking on one of those menu items will take you to that page. The Home and About pages came as default parts of the theme I selected for my website.

navigation menu

Navigation Menu

(Shortly after I launched this blog, I created the Events page so I could put information on the blog about Automattic events I was aware of and TIME community events (Tech, Innovators, Makers, Entrepreneurs) of interest to me which are happening in NE Wisconsin and elsewhere.)

Next Steps To Improve Blog Layout and Content Features

My goal is to periodically figure out a new layout or content feature that will improve the Events Wrangling blog, then start using that feature and list it on the WP Tips & Tricks page. The Next Steps to achieve that improved blog are:

  1. Go back to look at and read through ten random posts on Events Wrangling. See if there are aspects of the blog that catch my eye as needing improvement.
  2. Use Google to find twenty to fifty top WordPress blogs to see what they do differently from my blog. Write down details of any layout, graphics, or other formatting or functional components of the top websites which I feel would improve my site.
  3. Research how to make the changes noted in steps 1 and 2 above.
  4. Try making one or two changes each week. On the Tips & Tricks page of Events Wrangling, write down exactly how I made the change.

Change is (sometimes) good, and as David Bowie said…



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