News & Views For Events Wranglers: Best Websites

Knowledge & Information Discovery Sources

I like knowledge — news and information about emerging technologies, US and world trends, disruptive innovation and innovation at the edges of two or three industry sectors.

knowledgeThis blog is part of my standard process for managing knowledge about the topic of “events wrangling.”

To slake my thirst for knowledge, I’ve developed a generic approach to getting the big picture and to keeping informed about significant new developments in a topic of interest. I used that approach for the topic of “civic hacking” most recently — here’s my civic hacking blog and here’s a civic hacking info sources” post. Previously I employed similar techniques for “microcontrollers and microelectronics,” “aviation innovation,” “technology and entrepreneurism, especially computers and internet.” Before those topics I used the same general methods for the topics of chemical engineering and the industry sectors or products I worked with as a chemical engineer.

One component in my knowledge management process is identifying the News and Views sources most useful to me. For me, writing blog posts blends my experiences, knowledge and opinions with new developments in the subject covered by the blog and other people’s thoughts that seem impactful and relevant to the issues being considered in my post.

News” websites are ones that cover announcement (and sometimes analysis) of new products and services, cutting edge research, disruptions and innovations. These sites will give me information about trends, tools, technologies, events, people and companies. I try news and viewsto take the “information” I get from these sources and turn it into useful “knowledge.”

Views” websites are those which present opinions or perspectives of people “knowledgeable” about the topic or industry sector in which I’m interested. These sites generally talk about what someone found good or not-so-good, their point of view about their industry or their particular job, what trends they see happening or about to happen, and personal experiences related to the topics covered by the website. Views sources address advice, education and other modes of learning, or they might simply be entertaining or thought-provoking. I try to use the content from these sources to inform my understanding of the issue being discussed, to support what I write in my blog posts, and to help me understand different ways in which some part of an issues can be looked at or thought about.

The lists in this post are my initial attempt at identifying which sources are “best” for my needs in the world of events wrangling. Using these sites and finding new relevant sites in the course of writing posts for this blog will, no doubt, cause me to revise which online sources are most useful to me. So I’ve put a task on my calendar to update these two lists in six months. (I might also revise this post occasionally before the six-month update.)

newsEvents Wrangling “News” Websites

  1. MeetingsNet
  2. BizBash
  3. Smart Meetings
  4. Meetings & Conventions
  5. Event Marketer
  6. Successful Meetings
  7. Special Events
  8. Event Industry News
  9. Event
  10. Exhibitor

Events Wrangling “Views” Websites

  1. viewsConferences That WORK
  2. EventMB
  3. PlannerWire (caveat: enjoyable reading, but less frequent than some blogs)
  4. Plan Your Meetings
  5. techsyTalk (short written posts, but heavy focus on podcasts)
  6. Collaborate
  7. Velvet Chainsaw
  8. Nicole Jensen
  9. Grass Shack (all podcasts)
  10. Endless Entertainment (all podcasts)


Caveats: What online sources are best or most useful to you will depend on the specific aspects of events wrangling you care about or work on. It will also depend on your preference for consuming online info. Some people prefer to get a lot or most of their info from Twitter. Others enjoy podcasts. Some focus strictly on wedding planning or trade shows. The above sites happen to be what work best for my purposes as of April 2016…

Credits: Thanks to Adrian Segar for pointing me to some of the above sites. Others sites are included because I’ve found them useful in doing, reading about, and researching the topic of, events wrangling.


Additional sources to consider for events wrangling news & views

C&IT Magazine



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